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Finally, MacBook Air is there! Apple continues the move towards a wireless world.

For 1700$US you've been given the world's thinner, lighter, sexier notebook ever!

Featuring fullsize display (13,3 inches) and keyboard, 2Gb of memory, 80Gb hard-drive (or 64Gb ssd), incredible low thickness and weighting 3lbs/1.3Kg. The form factor is so incredible that you can actually put the MacBook Air into a standard envelop!

Many comments and blog posts have already hit the news channels and the internet: as expected a small bunch of criticizes have came up here and there, most of them about the price point or the fact that the Air is not equipped with a DVD drive.

Regarding the price: as many of our reader I believe, I am carrying my MacBook daily, every where, from home to the office and in trips. It weights 2.3Kg which is light, of course, but frankly, not enough. Air is more than 1 Kg less that is a 43 percent reduction without sacrifying the form factor nor the power. This justify to me the price which I find ok.

I've also read some weird article where the folks was comparing the MacBook Air with this 400$US toy, the Asus Eee PC 4G. Well, ok, you've got a ridiculous 7-inch, tiny keyboard, 4Gb drive stuff, running hypothetical non standard applications. My iPhone is already doing far more than that. At least, I laughed a lot. Non-sense. Common guys, let's serious.

Regarding the absence of built-in DVD drive. Well, I am afraid I almost never used the one I've got in my MacBook -- some DVD hand-braked. That's it. I think getting rid of it is a good move.


Anyway, lot of buzz around this year MacWorld edition. But no-one seems to notice something. The world is becoming wireless. Well, no. I mean, Apple's world is already wireless!

From Apple, you can organize your digital life wirelessly now: You've got you MacBook Air when in a business trip or at home. You keep access to your data and persons from your iPhone, while having some distractions listening to the music or watching your tv-show or movie from it. When at home, your data are backed up over-the-air on your TimeCapsule. Whatever you've got one or many Macs.

An for watching movies from your couch, you've got Apple TV take 2: this can helps you rent any movies from almost any majors for 3$ or 4$ if in HDD! And you've got music, tv shows, photos (including you flickr account), personal movies, etc.

Useless to say that everything synchs each others.

That world is great.

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