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iPhone: loosing calls? or why EDGE sucks!

7 Mars 2008 14:57 par stephane@deluca.bizPermalink | TrackBack: — existe depuis Il y a 11 ans & 2 mois — — Désolé, ce contenu n'est pas disponible en français.

Good thing we now have got the iPhone SDK!

Meanwhile, I was waiting for more. A more robust roadmap announcement. Alas, no 3G iPhone announced still.

That's a pity. What? I hear you asking yourself: "Okay. Yet another one who want more speed...". No. Actually. I tell you why.

I see all around the Web people complaining about the lack of 3G supports. All of them complain about the so-called lack speed.

Having an iPhone from the product launch, I must say it would be coool to have fastest access to the net, sure, but EDGE access is speedy enough to make iPhone users life a breathe. So to me, it's not a point you should take into account not to buy one.

But I think they are missing miss one major point, I tell you why.

Didn't you notice you've got a lot of call misses with your iPhone? I mean, like me, you certainly browsing the Web a lot when outside, in the subway or whatever. If someone calls you when you download a page, the caller will be directed straight to your answering machine.

And you know why? Because pre-UMTS GSM network cannot support simultaneous voice and data usage. This is one big thing that UMTS technology brings on the table.

Hence, not having UTMS support makes you life not so easy as you can expect, doesn't it?

And THIS sucks.

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