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Apple logo story: Dip the apple in the brew/Let the sleeping death seep through

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Have you ever asked yourself where the Apple logo comes from?

There exists a bunch of legends that makes its best effort to explain the story. But as always, stories are likely to evolve while the famous of a company evolves as well.

Apple is not likely to be different from others companies.

Back in 1976 -- 32 years ago, three people while still at college, decided to start a company up, with the idea to bring computers to the men of the street, hence following the Altair initiative.

In those "ancestral" times, the two Steves -- Jobs and Wozniak -- had to choose a name for the company to be registered. They choose Apple as you know. But the origin still remains uncertain; among the two most probable explanations, one comes from the fact that Jobs was eating an apple while queuing at the guichet. The other, which I believe is the most probable, was more a tribute to Newton, the famous physicist as the first logo testimonials which states: "Newton -- A mind forever voyaging thru a strange sea of thought -- alone"

The reason why this first logo was quickly changed to the one you knows is unclear. One might think the detailed composition or the vintage look of the logo wasn't enough eye-catching for such an innovative company as Apple.

The new logo was designed as an bitten apple. But why? Again, we're not sure, but the most likely origin lies in Alan Turing's owns life.

"Alan Turing: the father of modern computing"

I'm not going to tell you the whole story of Alan turing as you can easily find and read his bio on the Internet. But know that Alan Turing "basically" invented and theorized the modern computing in the first part of the 20th century. He also built a computer machine that deciphered Nazis communication secret coding during WWII.

Alan Turing was gay and in the times he lived, homosexuality was a crime. For some reasons we was forced to publicly tell his homosexuality hence prosecuted and convicted for homosexual acts.

Alan Turing had died of cyanide poisoning, apparently from a cyanide-laced apple he left half-eaten beside his bed. The apple itself was never tested for contamination with cyanide, and cyanide poisoning as a cause of death was established by a post-mortem. Most believe that his death was intentional, and the death was ruled a suicide.

And in those early days of hopes, the half-eaten apple was used by Apple Inc. for the symbol of Turing intelligence itself but also as a claim for a more modern and open-minded world.

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